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Lightning Strike Fire Starter Saved My Life!

– – I am writing to thank you for your amazing product…I bought a Lightning Strike Fire Starter at a Game Fair last year for £80 and had used it many times for bushcraft fires and camping sessions and found it reliable and above all quick.

However recently, I had to use it in a real life and death survival situation and without it, I may not be here today…I got cut off in remote woodland surrounded by flooded land for 3 days and 4 nights. Without the LSFS I definitely would have struggled to get anything dry enough to light a fire in the conventional way…The “Strike” that I happened to have with me got my fire going incredibly quickly, even using soaking wet twigs.

It was very cold at night without a bivvy or tent so the fire was invaluable and enabled me to keep drying my clothes, keep warm and to signal my position to the Moorland rescue services…

Thank you for a top product!

I will be buying one again when I can as my LSFS got lost at the triage station in the nearest village in all the chaos of hanging things out to dry. Either that or someone saw it and knew how valuable they are!

Thank you again for your life saving product. I will be recommending your fire starter to EVERYONE I know, and many I don’t!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yours in appreciation
Brighton, UK

Lightning Strike Fire Starter

“I was sure glad I had the Lightning Fire starter with me. It was the best money I’ve ever spent.”

” I was out with a friend test driving my Jeep CJ7 after I had just rebuilt the carburetor.

My friend got the idea of wanting to try it out 4 wheeling so I said okay and headed to the mountains that were 3 hours away from my house. This was late afternoon around 4pm. We went on trails all over the mountains and climbed many hills. We got so wrapped up in all the climbing that we lost track or where we were and the time.

It was getting dark and I told my friend that we need to find our way out of here now.

My friend said we need to climb over that mountain ahead and the trail we came in on should be just on the other side. Well I started this big climb. It was rough from being washed out from a big rain storm we had a few days before. The Jeep was bouncing all over and then all of a sudden the Jeep started pulling drastically to the right and wouldn’t climb anymore. Just spinning my wheels. I jumped out to see what happen only to find I snapped my rear drive line in half. I had no rear wheel drive just front wheel now.

The jeep was going no further up the mountain.

It was dark now and I live in Arizona. Yes it’s hot during the day but the nights out in the dessert get real cold. Neither my friend or I was prepared for a cold night, we thought we would be home by now. I did have my cell phone but I couldn’t tell my rescuer where we were just the mountain range I was at. I had no idea or our location.

My friend and I were both freezing when It hit me. I had bought a Lightning Fire starter from a little store in Colorado and stashed it in the glove box on my Jeep. Thinking or hopping I would never need it. I never once practiced using it. I pulled it out, gathered some twigs and in no time I had a good fire going. It was easy.

We were able to make the fire big enough so that my friend that was coming to our rescue was able to see the fire on the mountain side.

He arrived bringing jackets, water and some food and a tow rope to get my Jeep down the mountain and home. I was sure glad I had the Lightning Fire starter with me. It was the best 40 bucks I’ve ever spent. I want to get one for all my vehicles and one for a survival kit that I will always keep with me.”

Great tool good design.

Mark B., Mesa Arizona

“The Best Fire Starter I have Owned”

I just received one of these as a gift from my father.
Of course I had to try it, and I am impressed.
Started the tinder with one stroke.
This is hands down the best fire starter I have owned, and I have owned more than a few.

Mike Boucher


 “I Live in Norway…”

I live in Norway… Yes, Cold, wet, and windy. FINALLY I found a fire starter that works great. I got the Lightning Strike Fire Starter… Tried it, Loved it… Had it stolen from me and yay for that [because] now I have ordered 2 new ones.. One MINI and one Standard/Large.

In short, I love the product, and I will show it to everyone. Army, bushcrafters, and others I deal with that need something that will work every time. Good job, and again, Thank you!

Oddvin Hjaltalin – Norway


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