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Testimonial: Scoutmaster Reid Goldsmith

Testimonial: Scoutmaster Reid Goldsmith

I had seen an article and video about your unique firestarter.  Being Scoutmaster of a scout troop in Long Island, New York, I am always eager to find things that would make the scouts camping experiences better.  I decided to buy it and put it to the “test” for the scouts on our Wilderness Survival (no tents, build your own shelters) campout (12/10-12/11). First things was start hot water going. I broke out my Lightning Strike Firestarter, popped out a tinder from the enclosed portion, put a little kindling on it, and BOOM!  It started first time, no effort!  Of course, the boys were too amazed and forgot to feed the fire, so I had to repeat it.  I popped a tinder out, tucked it into the partially built kindling, gave 1 stroke, and, again, we had a fire.  This fire lasted from that little spark into all day fire, all night fire until bed.  The next morning, I got up at 6:45 am.  I was tired, had not slept well, and was cold (was 19 deg. F.).  Sometime during the evening, it lightly snowed coating wood with light snow and ice.  I then went to the fire pit, got a few small kindlings, popped another tinder into it from the Lightning Strike with my gloves on (too cold to take them off) and with 1 stroke, I had another fire going!  Thank you, Mr. Holland, for a great product!

Sincerely, Scoutmaster Reid Goldsmith
Long Island, New York


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