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Lifelong Outdoorsman Invents Innovative Fire Starter


Darrell Holland is a life-long outdoorsman and survival expert. He has created the Lightning Strike fire starter that makes it easy for anyone to start a fire under the harshest conditions.

Holland has regularly ventured into the wilderness for 40 years. He has taught outdoor survival in Oregon and conducted seminars on shooting & survival across the country for over 18 years. He knew there was a serious need for a quality fire starter that worked consistently under any conditions. More importantly, it needed to be so easy to use that even a child could start a fire with minimal training.

“Being in Oregon, the weather can change drastically and a fire is one of the first things taught in survival training.  The fire starters available commercially were nothing more than charm bracelets.  In a life or death situation, you need something that will function,” said Holland.

Holland personally tested at least 15 different types of fire starters in actual field conditions. He found that they were too small, the spark output was weak and they included no tinder.  Under perfect conditions they might work, but when the chips were down they did not perform.

“Cold, numb hands in subzero temperatures with a blowing wind and lack of dry tinder is a recipe for disaster.  I wanted a product that would work anytime and anywhere,” said Holland.

He set high standards for his new fire starter.  All of the sparks are focused on the tinder and the fire starter can be used with one hand. The tinder is self-contained and once lit, it burns for several minutes. Each kit is CNC machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum and anodized for long lasting service.  Enough tinder is included for a dozen fires.

“The reason for the one hand use is because people are often injured in the field.  One hand operation is more of a necessity than a convenience,” said Holland. “A fire is the difference between life and death in a survival situation.”                                             


Holland Shooters Supply has developed many innovative products for outdoorsman and hunters from scope-reticles and mounts, to muzzle breaks and rifle stocks. More information is available about Holland, his classes on shooting, products including the Lightning Strike Fire Starter, and much more at his website,



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