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Why Buy A Lightning Strike Fire Starter?

We are often asked this question by potential buyers.  It’s really pretty simple and can be distilled down to just three words:  Safety (what’s your life worth), Performance and Reliability!

Having spent decades in the woods camping, hiking, hunting and working with the Boy Scouts (our son is an Eagle Scout) for over 18 years, I have a pretty good idea regarding what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve used BIC® lighters, matches (all types), magnesium bars, ferro rods, and other spark-activated gizmos with varying results.  Under ideal conditions most people can get a fire going with the aforementioned fire starters, if given enough time.

The problem is: ideal conditions are rarely present when we actually need to start a fire!  When Mother Nature is trying to remove us from the gene pool, it’s typically been raining for a week and things are soaked, or there is a foot of snow on the ground and the temps are below zero.  THAT’S when we need a fire starter that works under tough conditions—one that is reliable and goof-proof. That is when you need the Ultimate Survival Fire Starter, a Lightning Strike Fire Starter!

Almost every harrowing story of survival starts something like this:  “I was just going to…” and then things go upside-down.  A twisted ankle, realizing you are lost, unanticipated severe weather or a combination of such factors can result in nightfall overtaking you, at a time when you’re wet, cold and tired.  Your life is now threatened and your only REAL salvation is your ability to get a survival fire going quickly.

Most Reality TV Survival Shows follow our hero as he finds a bird’s nest or rat’s nest with plenty of dry tinder.  Presto, with a single spark and a lot of hot air, a fire emerges.  Are you willing to bet your life on finding such a treasure when the chips are down?  I’m certainly not!

Dry flammable tinder is often very hard to come by in the real world unless you are very skilled in finding/creating it.  How many people really qualify in this regard?  I’ll wager it’s not one in a thousand.

The Lightning Strike Fire Starter , the ultimate survival fire starter was designed to be the BEST, self-contained, survival fire starter you can buy.  Our Patent Pending design is not a toy, trinket or novelty piece, nor is it priced or intended to be such.  People who never leave the security of their home or vehicle may not be attracted or understand the importance of what we offer. However, those serious or professional individuals who operate in the outdoors under less than ideal conditions will appreciate the design features and the ability to create a fire on DEMAND.

The Lightning Strike Fire Starter features an integral tinder storage compartment with enough tinder to get multiple fires going under tough conditions. The large striker works well with cold or gloved hands.  The striker guide allows 100% contact with the ferro rod.  The striker stop prevents scattering the tinder when trying to ignite it.  The ferro rod is encased in a tube that concentrates ALL of the spark directly to the tinder for instant ignition.  Our tinder will burn for several minutes, allowing you to feed small sticks and twigs to create a roaring fire.

Not everyone is a survival expert who can build a fire under challenging conditions with just a shoe string and a fire bow.  Why put your life at risk by not having the simplest, most-effective, self-contained fire starter on the planet?  The money saved by buying a cheaper, antiquated fire starter does not provide sufficient insulation to keep you warm when the chips are down.


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The Lightning Strike Fire Starter was developed, machined and produced here in the United States of America.  We are a family business with employees who are concerned with your safety in the great outdoors!

Stay Warm; Stay Dry; Stay Safe.  Buy a Lightning Strike Fire Starter!  We’ll keep you in the Gene Pool!


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